Intrepid Adventurers
When last we met our hero's...

After our Hero’s uncover the dark secrets hidden in the Asylum and rescuing Plaetius’s Uncle, they return to Recover the Map of the area surrounding where the dragonmont is.

As they trek forth, will they be able to understand this new threat? will they be able to stop this infestation? Tune in next Week/Month/Year to find out.

Movin' Right Along

So, OoGS thought about traveling to find the compass the Green-Clad Ancient Ones spoke of in Dragonmount. After Teleporting to Verbobonc Plaetius recieved a distressing note about his uncle being put away in an Asylum in a town just a day and a half away from Verbobonc, and not entirely out of the way of their travels.

New Characters

Tim and Brenda Roll New Characters

Tim: 12, 17, 9, 14, 16, 10

Brenda: 17, 11 12, 14, 13, 9

Fallout and Priorities
The Immediate Danger is over, Sort of, So how do we go from here?

So the OoGS has manage to succeed in destroying the Dukes plans, Vanquishing the Spirits Oozing in from the beyond, and Closing the Gate. In Doing this, Lou Perrigrin Fell into the beyond, and former PC Darius managed to escape. And the Duke of Eddenborough perished at the party’s hands. Twice.

Returning back to town they learned a few things.
  1. The Wizard’s school has launched an Airship Transport Program to ferry Product (Magic Items)
  2. The Meteor is swarming with creatures with whom Taryn can communicate.
  3. Odman Fizzo is planning to strike from the underbelly of the City soon
  4. The Hideous 66, like nature, abhor a vacuum. Chuckles has his minions abduct Anarra to tell the party that there are many things at work that left to themselves, may end up badly for business and the commerce of the city.

From there they travelled to Kalipor’s tower up their new travelling companions request.

When they met with Kalipor, he suggested the read a Tome recovered from a survivor of the Suel Empire. This explained that the sundered pieces of the Seam Ripper were entrusted to a few souls to place it across the new world (Flanness) Along with it, a detector of the items was entrusted to the the Vestige who in turn bestowed it to the enclave of Dragonmont. The Tome also speaks of great magic, and the powers of the empire lost. From which Kalipor seemed to gain his newly increased powers.

They then left for the Gnoll Village to the NE of the city and spoke with the General. The general appreciated OoGS information and asked them a favor before they moved upon their urgent mission, to speak with three nobles and using incriminating evidence in the Advisor’s possession, convince them to leverage support for the General in the political battle soon to occur. Hoping to secure Leadership in the City before some of the other pending threats move in.

Cole was send to complete this errand. Seem best for the job.

After this they went on their way to teleport to Verbobonc

Snooping Around
Getting in where the Duke couldn't

On the way back to the mines, the party encounters the Duke who enlists OoGS to get to the root of the meteor infestations. While talking to the group, Taryn Bloodknot felt a familiar brethren comfort in her mind.

When back in the mines, Wren talks to them about the Orc Incursion to the south. Describing an orc who appears from nothing, claims to offer a choice, to leave, and return her clan’s homeland or to Die defend what isn’t theirs. Whenever this dark figure was sited, there were full scale assaults and raids in the weeks that followed.

Wren bid goodbye as head to the depths.

With Decrees in hand, the past the guards at the Lava Bubble Chamber. They then began to explore the other Azer complex. Two days later they discovered what they could, including the portal chamber. Inside that room the believe to have found a piece of the relic “Seam Ripper” they decided to leave, and are currently trying to figure out how to get past some guards posted. without getting noticed.

Guard Duty

Working with Lex, the Owner of Ye Oaken Barrel, the Order of the Goblin Skewer developed the plan for their new home. Lex taking the Front portions, and OoGS taking the rest, with a spot for Trevor.

Figuring they’d take it easy, the Adventurers head back to the mine for another shift. The shift was unimportant as they guarded the lava tube. Cole and Anarra snuck down the tunnel about 45 mins. Finding a Dimmly lit Lava Bubble where Anarra saw 3 guards in front of the left tunnel. As they left a louder voice (of one of the guards presumably) asked a Cassandra what was down it the Duke wanted guarded so bad? he speculated it was treasure. Cassandra answered that they do their jobs.

and hour or so after returning, an old friend Darius, a Mage who lost his foot in the Hydra battle. Darius flashed his decree from the duke. After talking to him, OoGS determined that there was a complex similar the Azer Complex with Octagonal rooms, with Octagonal openings. He asked the guys is one of the Azer had an amulet with the Pelor face on it? with no positive ID. Supposedly he had been summoned down the tunnels To try and open the gateways. Cole suggested that Darius hear the rough of the song/tale they planned to present at the end of height of brewfest.

While this happened, Anarra picked the decree from Darius’s pack.

Realizing he had been a while, Darius tottled off. And the group began to discuss exactly what to do with the relatively generic decree of access. Darius return amidst this discussion, as they buttoned up. He asked them if the Goblin leader at the top had an amulet too. And the group seemed to remember this too. Happy, vowing to slay the leader to get this amulet, Darius walked away with a smile, oblivious to his missing paperwork.

Cole presented an example Gnome-ad to Lex, The party slept and they head back to the Mine.


Back from the Mining Expedition
The small jobs are never really - small

After some time in Town after success in the fields, the team takes a job with the local mines to pay for the protection of their stuffed barley demon, to be mounted at ye oaken barrel. upon arriving they found the mining stronghold under siege from the inside.

After successfully pushing back the horde of invaders, the Group discovered the a horde waiting in ambush in one of the storage warehouses. Mid-battle, the horde surviving retreated after a farewell remark by a dark dragon-like foe, who promised to be return and take back the land of it’s tribe.

Back in town the group tended to matters. Taryn and Annara met the resistance man Frank Holly who urged Anarra to return to the Mine and stop the Duke in whatever crazy scheme, and delay the duke’s return, as the coup was planned for the end of Brewfest. Taryn split upon her safe meet-up to touch base with Odman Fizzo about the body of Mutated The Hideous 66 member. Last item was to purchase the home next to Ye Oaken Barrel.

Tracking the Needle in the haystack

So the intrepid adventurers head out into the fields where the beast fled. Near a harvest clearing, the beast attacked anew. After exchanging blows, the beast fled again. in one of the wagons, they found a map of the farm, showing an old mill house. The group traveled to the ravine, and along it. There they were ambushed by more multi-limbed creatures, and the beast again. This time they vanquished it. Now, what will they do?

Public Services
Knuckles and Barn Fires

After spending some time gathering information on various important subjects;

  • Fang Tokens
  • The Duke
  • The Floating Block in the Market
  • The Departed Bakers.
  • Barley demon
  • The Leader of the Forbidden Forest

The party heads to the The Rotten Bastard but meets Garjuk before entering. He indicates that word has gotten around a payment was happening. While the would never dare interfere in The Hideous 66 payors, but once the payment has been made, It’s all fair game.

The party is given what’s promised, after the payers (the group that met them in the AZER complex) told them the job incompleteness was confirmed. But given a warning, should a rubbing or the Lost itself be “found”, The party would be hunted and the payment would be recovered. After verifying the payment. They leave the private room, and are confronted with mug wielding thugs. Of which all but two are dispatched. Taryn healed all but the dead one. During the battle a White fur and armor clad tall maiden joins the fray, and follows the party when they leave. She introduces herself as Yasimina of the Fairwind Isles formerly within the Hold of the Sea Princes. She carries 3 exotic sharp circles.

Garjuk ushers them safely and unseen from the warrens. They Head to Ugo’s Corner Klah and Cole Give the Performance of his life. He is showered with Gold he gifts to the establishment. The speak to Rodney Patterson again about the following:

  • Meteors – The duke had a
  • A Dwarven Bloodmaiden companion of St. Nathanial
  • The Hideous 66

Rodney Displayed a crush on Yasimina.

They then head off to the Farm.

On the Farm

The Farm house was broken and vacant enumerated with blood spots, with chunks of flesh still caked to the spatter with dried blood.

Noises were heard from the Barn. Like a cry of a Babe. Yasimina and Anarra went to investigate. Taryn Bloodknotfollowed closely behind, and cole stayed in the study with Gerald Baker. The two of them let loose a raptor that wasn’t an eagle/hawk anymore it had changes and spit flaming goo at them. as they fought Taryn came from the house preceded by 3 of the 4-armed monsters they encountered near Took’s fork. Taryn’s senses were acting up. Taryn ran by to let an infected calf leave out the back of the barn. She then helped dispatch the rest of the monsters. Blood spraying all over Annara. Yasimina and Annara chased down and killed the Calf. Taryn protested and Yasimina shouted back, “abominations with extra limbs should all die!”

At that, Cole exclaimed. “What was that noise!” as his head turned toward the house interior.

Mission HO!
Isn't Blackmail fun?

Party has meeting about the Beauty Mark (after noon tomorrow)

Taryn has a summons from the Voice in his head to meet in the dock area at two bells of the morrow.

Annara Goes to Parents with Gerald Baker to get cookies.

Taryn Caught his tail sent by The Hideous 66, Mouthy. Learned that many of the missing peoples are turning like Taryn. The head Alien claims that they won’t need to stay hidden for much longer. That Soon their bretheren are coming and the must must prepare to assist.

The announcement is coming up soon.


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