Back from the Mining Expedition

The small jobs are never really - small

After some time in Town after success in the fields, the team takes a job with the local mines to pay for the protection of their stuffed barley demon, to be mounted at ye oaken barrel. upon arriving they found the mining stronghold under siege from the inside.

After successfully pushing back the horde of invaders, the Group discovered the a horde waiting in ambush in one of the storage warehouses. Mid-battle, the horde surviving retreated after a farewell remark by a dark dragon-like foe, who promised to be return and take back the land of it’s tribe.

Back in town the group tended to matters. Taryn and Annara met the resistance man Frank Holly who urged Anarra to return to the Mine and stop the Duke in whatever crazy scheme, and delay the duke’s return, as the coup was planned for the end of Brewfest. Taryn split upon her safe meet-up to touch base with Odman Fizzo about the body of Mutated The Hideous 66 member. Last item was to purchase the home next to Ye Oaken Barrel.



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