Fallout and Priorities

The Immediate Danger is over, Sort of, So how do we go from here?

So the OoGS has manage to succeed in destroying the Dukes plans, Vanquishing the Spirits Oozing in from the beyond, and Closing the Gate. In Doing this, Lou Perrigrin Fell into the beyond, and former PC Darius managed to escape. And the Duke of Eddenborough perished at the party’s hands. Twice.

Returning back to town they learned a few things.
  1. The Wizard’s school has launched an Airship Transport Program to ferry Product (Magic Items)
  2. The Meteor is swarming with creatures with whom Taryn can communicate.
  3. Odman Fizzo is planning to strike from the underbelly of the City soon
  4. The Hideous 66, like nature, abhor a vacuum. Chuckles has his minions abduct Anarra to tell the party that there are many things at work that left to themselves, may end up badly for business and the commerce of the city.

From there they travelled to Kalipor’s tower up their new travelling companions request.

When they met with Kalipor, he suggested the read a Tome recovered from a survivor of the Suel Empire. This explained that the sundered pieces of the Seam Ripper were entrusted to a few souls to place it across the new world (Flanness) Along with it, a detector of the items was entrusted to the the Vestige who in turn bestowed it to the enclave of Dragonmont. The Tome also speaks of great magic, and the powers of the empire lost. From which Kalipor seemed to gain his newly increased powers.

They then left for the Gnoll Village to the NE of the city and spoke with the General. The general appreciated OoGS information and asked them a favor before they moved upon their urgent mission, to speak with three nobles and using incriminating evidence in the Advisor’s possession, convince them to leverage support for the General in the political battle soon to occur. Hoping to secure Leadership in the City before some of the other pending threats move in.

Cole was send to complete this errand. Seem best for the job.

After this they went on their way to teleport to Verbobonc



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