Guard Duty

Working with Lex, the Owner of Ye Oaken Barrel, the Order of the Goblin Skewer developed the plan for their new home. Lex taking the Front portions, and OoGS taking the rest, with a spot for Trevor.

Figuring they’d take it easy, the Adventurers head back to the mine for another shift. The shift was unimportant as they guarded the lava tube. Cole and Anarra snuck down the tunnel about 45 mins. Finding a Dimmly lit Lava Bubble where Anarra saw 3 guards in front of the left tunnel. As they left a louder voice (of one of the guards presumably) asked a Cassandra what was down it the Duke wanted guarded so bad? he speculated it was treasure. Cassandra answered that they do their jobs.

and hour or so after returning, an old friend Darius, a Mage who lost his foot in the Hydra battle. Darius flashed his decree from the duke. After talking to him, OoGS determined that there was a complex similar the Azer Complex with Octagonal rooms, with Octagonal openings. He asked the guys is one of the Azer had an amulet with the Pelor face on it? with no positive ID. Supposedly he had been summoned down the tunnels To try and open the gateways. Cole suggested that Darius hear the rough of the song/tale they planned to present at the end of height of brewfest.

While this happened, Anarra picked the decree from Darius’s pack.

Realizing he had been a while, Darius tottled off. And the group began to discuss exactly what to do with the relatively generic decree of access. Darius return amidst this discussion, as they buttoned up. He asked them if the Goblin leader at the top had an amulet too. And the group seemed to remember this too. Happy, vowing to slay the leader to get this amulet, Darius walked away with a smile, oblivious to his missing paperwork.

Cole presented an example Gnome-ad to Lex, The party slept and they head back to the Mine.




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