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Knuckles and Barn Fires

After spending some time gathering information on various important subjects;

  • Fang Tokens
  • The Duke
  • The Floating Block in the Market
  • The Departed Bakers.
  • Barley demon
  • The Leader of the Forbidden Forest

The party heads to the The Rotten Bastard but meets Garjuk before entering. He indicates that word has gotten around a payment was happening. While the would never dare interfere in The Hideous 66 payors, but once the payment has been made, It’s all fair game.

The party is given what’s promised, after the payers (the group that met them in the AZER complex) told them the job incompleteness was confirmed. But given a warning, should a rubbing or the Lost itself be “found”, The party would be hunted and the payment would be recovered. After verifying the payment. They leave the private room, and are confronted with mug wielding thugs. Of which all but two are dispatched. Taryn healed all but the dead one. During the battle a White fur and armor clad tall maiden joins the fray, and follows the party when they leave. She introduces herself as Yasimina of the Fairwind Isles formerly within the Hold of the Sea Princes. She carries 3 exotic sharp circles.

Garjuk ushers them safely and unseen from the warrens. They Head to Ugo’s Corner Klah and Cole Give the Performance of his life. He is showered with Gold he gifts to the establishment. The speak to Rodney Patterson again about the following:

  • Meteors – The duke had a
  • A Dwarven Bloodmaiden companion of St. Nathanial
  • The Hideous 66

Rodney Displayed a crush on Yasimina.

They then head off to the Farm.

On the Farm

The Farm house was broken and vacant enumerated with blood spots, with chunks of flesh still caked to the spatter with dried blood.

Noises were heard from the Barn. Like a cry of a Babe. Yasimina and Anarra went to investigate. Taryn Bloodknotfollowed closely behind, and cole stayed in the study with Gerald Baker. The two of them let loose a raptor that wasn’t an eagle/hawk anymore it had changes and spit flaming goo at them. as they fought Taryn came from the house preceded by 3 of the 4-armed monsters they encountered near Took’s fork. Taryn’s senses were acting up. Taryn ran by to let an infected calf leave out the back of the barn. She then helped dispatch the rest of the monsters. Blood spraying all over Annara. Yasimina and Annara chased down and killed the Calf. Taryn protested and Yasimina shouted back, “abominations with extra limbs should all die!”

At that, Cole exclaimed. “What was that noise!” as his head turned toward the house interior.



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