Snooping Around

Getting in where the Duke couldn't

On the way back to the mines, the party encounters the Duke who enlists OoGS to get to the root of the meteor infestations. While talking to the group, Taryn Bloodknot felt a familiar brethren comfort in her mind.

When back in the mines, Wren talks to them about the Orc Incursion to the south. Describing an orc who appears from nothing, claims to offer a choice, to leave, and return her clan’s homeland or to Die defend what isn’t theirs. Whenever this dark figure was sited, there were full scale assaults and raids in the weeks that followed.

Wren bid goodbye as head to the depths.

With Decrees in hand, the past the guards at the Lava Bubble Chamber. They then began to explore the other Azer complex. Two days later they discovered what they could, including the portal chamber. Inside that room the believe to have found a piece of the relic “Seam Ripper” they decided to leave, and are currently trying to figure out how to get past some guards posted. without getting noticed.



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