Jonathan Pressian - Duke of Eddenborough

Dark Hair and close-cut beard with beady eyes that peer out from heavy eyebrows strike you as the man behind the oppulent desk looks up from his papers.


Very skilled Fighter, Killer with the Greatsword,


Upon taking over for a ailing leader of the city Jonathan used his adventurers experience and advise from a past friend and adventurer to turn a large town into a bustling and prosperous trading City of tens of thousands, once again bringing the Kingdom of Geoff to the forefront.

Jonathan is continuously looking for ways to improve his citizen’s lot in the world. and upon blundering into a secret cave. Looking to anyone who could help, the Duke turned to the dark arts and demonology for information. What he discovered, delighted him.

Only problem, is some nosy girl saw him. She was caught, but escaped. This

Jonathan Pressian - Duke of Eddenborough

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