Armor of the Unmaker

Armor infuzed with power and chaos


This Armor is embossed with seemingly random patterns. Inset into the Chest are three (3) Large obsidian gems, with numerous black spike sticking from this massive full plate armor. the 3 gems protrude out half as much as in.

The 3 gems are shards of seal used to keep out the un-maker.

Donning the armor inflicts 3d6 points of damage, half of which never heal. Except through a wish, while free of the armor, and never while wearing it. The Act of putting on the armor enters the wearer into a pact with the un-maker to channeling a fraction of its power through the wearer, in turn for the wearer granting their life-force and allowing the un-maker a tiny conduit and window into the realms of order.

The Armor is Full Plate +3 with the following properties:


Armor of the Unmaker

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