Mission HO!
Isn't Blackmail fun?

Party has meeting about the Beauty Mark (after noon tomorrow)

Taryn has a summons from the Voice in his head to meet in the dock area at two bells of the morrow.

Annara Goes to Parents with Gerald Baker to get cookies.

Taryn Caught his tail sent by The Hideous 66, Mouthy. Learned that many of the missing peoples are turning like Taryn. The head Alien claims that they won’t need to stay hidden for much longer. That Soon their bretheren are coming and the must must prepare to assist.

The announcement is coming up soon.

An offering
Our Party is Tired of being a Gopher, Will an offering cause them to stop?

May 19th At the rotten Bastard, the party is offered 2500 gp NOT to deliver a tablet they uncovered to Kalipor. The party accepted. but will the reward be worth it.

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