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  • Old City

    Old City is the quaint neighborhood. Most of the buildings are of older tudor style. In this area you can find the following establishments. * [[Ye Oaken Barrel]] * [[Ossa's Outfitter]] * [[Annora's Parent's Home]] * [[Tom's Taxidermy]] * [[ …

  • Ye Oaken Barrel

    Racious Laughter and a cheer bellows forth as the door opens. Warm Light, brightens the bar and and a few patrons look up with smiles from their drinks, and with a friendly nods, seem to invite you in. A pretty young bar maid flits between the tables …

  • Ossa's Outfitter

    A large sign with a silhouette of the Lortmil Mountains with a Bear and Elk stands over the door of the Log Cabin syle building facade. As you enter a small bell rings. The shop walls are lined with coats and Hard Mountain Gear. A canoe and kayak are also …

  • Tom's Taxidermy

    Tom's Taxidermy is the only taxidermy shop on the south side of Town Tom is Stuffing the Barley Demon for the [[OoGS | Order of the Goblin Skewer]] [[Old City | Old City]]