APC_Entrance Room


This is a Small Octagonal room maybe 20’ across Covered in finely detailed octagonal runes carved into the mirror-polished , There are octagonal rune-encircled Doorways to the East and to the West. Each of the doorways have a translucent blue membrane across them. In the center looks to be an embossed Symbol to Pelor. The wall to the south has a roughly 3’ Diameter hole in it. A short wooden ladder Leads up to it from the rubble. below. In the north wall is a rectangular cubby with a trapazoidal trough running from left to right. There are a handful of Pieces of Parchment and a thick charcoal rod.

One of the sheets contains two overlapping light rubbings.

East Doorway | West Doorway | Lava Bubble Chamber

Mining Effort

APC_Entrance Room

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