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The City of Eddenborough is a bustling trade center along an Tradesmans Way in the glorious Kingdom of Geoff. (FR) The city wasn’t so prosperous, but the new Duke of Eddenborough has really done great things to change it around when he gave up the adventuring hat on request from the King. Now Jonathan Pressian – Duke of Eddenborough has used the players as messengers to skirt through the forbidden forest to deliver items to Kalipor, the Head of the Wizard’s school who’s tower can be seen from nearly everywhere in the region of the city. When at this tower, they noticed a Large Black barren patch in the forbidden forest below. The city trades field goods (barley hops etc.) Ore to refine, and fine metal and stone works from the dwarves living in the nearby mountain range. The city has a small mining effort which has recently stepped up under the notion of a public works public safety project. the city uses an moderate network of ranger stations to police and guard the land. Fields surround the city and is the most common export goods, but neighboring Gnoll and Orc nations have kept future expansions at bay.

The city is always moving and only sleeping for a short time. One of the largest temples to Pelor in the Southwestern region devoted to Saint Nathanial is a prominent feature of the city along the Quaint neighborhoods in the 2nd district, and the bustling import/export at the dock district along the lower river. The city boasts refineries and factories powered by the swift tributaries of the Matar River, which employ a large percent of the city denizens. But no city is truly complete without some entertainment. And Eddenborough is no slouch. The Trubador’s District has at least two plays showing at any time, and the weekends are always alive with cheers and boos from the McKlusky Memorial Arena. It is even the only home for Kalipor’s school for wizards, the recruitment center is prominantly located near the arena. and can be seen from nearly all points in low-city. Anything you wish for can be acquired in Eddenborough.

However prosperous, the players have learned that all is not right. They learned the Duke’s military leader, and best friend was recently exiled for a successful peace mission? and that he is running an underground ground of Saboteurs and resistance fighters attempting to expose the Duke’s duplicity. also, the mining effort has been wrought with deaths and secrets as of late. Also there is a dark mob-like underbelly, The Hideous 66, and there are hints that the Duke may be using them. Kalipor seems to be advising the Duke to do some questionable dealings written on an octagonal stone tablet. He also gift the duke with some Odd things, like worms which make stone weightless. On top of that, an unprecedented Meteor shower a year ago seems to be yielding some dangerous life forms. And if that isn’t good enough the Field works are being found torn to shreds be some Barley demon. Raising the price and lowering the availability of willing workers, and the price of hops and barley, making the dwarves nervous.

Order of the Goblin Skewer

10 Districts Map

  1. Dogwood Hill – West section, Nobility commonly live in this area.
  2. The Warrens – Northwest struggling to poor Class – Resident Area
  3. Warehouse – East-Central section also known as the Dock, primarily product storage
  4. Millrace Falls – West-Central section dedicated to Production/Refinement
  5. Market Square – North-Central section. All major trade happens here
  6. Old City – The Western District just south of the temple district. This is the original town area.
  7. Trubador’s District – The center of the City, and heart entertainment area.
  8. East Eddenborough – a Working-class resident Area covering the East and southeastern portion of the city.
  9. Fark’s wood – The Northwest area populated by Middle-Class Resident Area
  10. Temple district – Southwest Section of the City, Home of the [[St. Nathanial’s]] – Church of Pelor

OERTH and the Flanness

  1. cringinggoblin.wikispaces.com/file/view/Verbobonc.pdf – Town in Furyondy
  2. Dragonmount – Monolith Rock Spire in the Bright Desert

Local Geography Map



h4. East


  • Low Lands
  • Hops Fields






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