McKlusky Memorial Arena

McKlusky Arena


The arena was built 5 years ago from funds in large part Donated from Mr. McKlusky who is the current owner and lead organizer of Arena events. The Arena has served many functions.

Ticketing Prices:

Prices for the Arena events are as follows>

Tier 3: 1sp, Tier 2: 5sp, Tier 1: 2gp

prices are subject to change without notice

Competition at the Arena

Competitions fall into one of four categories. Arena Battles, Festival Contests, Exhibition Matches and Tests of Meddle. Of these Categories, the Arena Battles are by far the most frequently occurring. During Festival weeks, while not participating in the tournaments, festival events and contests typically take place, such as visiting champions test their steel in jousting matches and other combat events. Additional examples are archery, feats of balance and leaping. The end of the Summerfest events features contests of wit and teamwork in a tournament that typically the puzzle challenges.

Arena Battles

All gladiators operate under a multi-tier system first-tier being the most prominent and third tier being the most general and widely available, those who wish to participate and can afford to join are welcome. The rules of combat differ and become more dangerous as the level elevates. Please note the When you first sign up, you’ll need to see Ril Argus. He evaluates new talent and roughs in the matches.

Weekly 2nd and 3rd tier Line ups and Leaderboards are posted the morning after the main event. Tournament tables are posted and updated after every Tournament Round.

3rd Tier

The third tier is what’s commonly referred to as the entry level. This tier is where most gladiators begin. It is open to all of the public given that they provide their starting fee and agree to the rules.

Membership and earnings: The fee is 60 gold pieces to start with a 20 gold piece per week. Every weeknight and weekend each potential gladiator can be paired up with up to three matches. Every win at this level is worth 10 gp. The rest goes to the house for healing services and upkeep. A talented third tier gladiator can stand to make a small amount of money on these matches.

Ratings and Matches: Every match won gives a point. Losses are worth nothing. The divisions and matches are to determine the contestant’s potential the third cure is also broken into three different classifications they are fighters, Rogues and healers. These classes do not cross compete until higher tiers.

Rules: Most contestants are typical hardworking folk of the City with a desire to prove something, or make a name for them-selves in the arena. With this in mind, the entry level contestants are given proxy weapons, that perform much the same, but only deal out bruises (Non-lethal). The only restriction is that magic equipment not be used so that each match is based on the ability and not magical means. There is a device that will detect if you have any. If magic is part of the repertoire it is allowed, however it is required that all contestants submit to a nonlethal/subdual clause. Competing at this level is to show ability

2nd Tier

A second-tier also known as the semi-pro level is where the professional level of the Arena begins. At the second-tier focuses on technique, style and showmanship. Class Categories Still remain. The contestants are expected to abide by the in nonlethal clause. Points are removed for any violation of this clause. After a three-month period of general sparring during summerfest the tournament of the second-tier/semi-pros begins. This is a week long event that pits the top ranking 24 contestants against each other. The top three contestants win a place in tier 1 competition.

Membership: Tier two to competition requires a weekly fee of gold pieces 100 each week. There are an estimated 60 competitors on this level. During the season, a competitor has one match a week.

Ratings and Matches: Each match is paid out their ratio of points earned in the match. Points are given for each maneuver and each strike successfully put upon an opponent oftentimes these will combine together. An example is an opponent who tumbles in close strikes in attack and moves away without getting hit its dual earn three points for this a match so far. The matches are three rounds. A round lasts one minute. If the match lasts until the end, 5 points are awarded to both gladiators. The match ends and 10 points are awarded if one party is knocked out. The gladiator’s points are equal to the total points for the best 10 matches of the 12. This allows for a gladiator to miss two weeks if their standing is strong enough.

Tournament: Those who qualify will be allowed to enter the tournament. The fee is 150gp. The tournament is elimination style. The top 8 rated contestants of each category can battle for a chance to move up to Tier 1. The top 6 overall will move up. First place combatants in each category each win 1500. a small 2nd placement tournament determines final overall standing (1st, 2nd, 3rd) winning an additional 1300, 700, 100 and the runner-ups determine (4th,5th,6th) in much the same way, winning 900, 450, and 150gp respectively. These overall placement sub-tournaments are the first time combatant categories battle.

1st Tier

The first-tier as a group comprised of 22 competitors. The 22 competitors battle each other once every week in two, three-minute long round matches. The matches are no holds barred all equipment is granted and death is frowned upon however not unheard of old wounds are real although there are healers available and on premise is ready to assist at the end of the match in the ceiling is not is included in tier 1 competition additional fees are required

Membership: Membership fees for tier 1 are often paid by a factor but are to be 1000 gold pieces per week the winner gains 1500gp the loser takes home 400gp. Often-times weekly fees are paid for by backers, champions of the gladiator. Gladiator started their competitions two weeks after the championship match of second-tier starts providing for 10 weeks of pre-tournament entertainment. Ratings: Ratings are purely Win – Lose. However there is a 500gp Gladiator-of-the-week prize (base on the Tier 2 system) and city favorite prize of 750gp which is based purely crowd reaction at the end of the event.

Tournament: Membership fees for tier 1 are often paid by a factor but are to be 2000 gold pieces entry fee. Gladiators that fail to qualify and enter the tournament are cast down to Tier 2. (This gives the gladiator a chance to regain a tier 1 spot back before the next year begins again.) Prizes are given to the top three winners; 16,000gp for 1st, 12,000 for 2nd, and 8,000 for 3rd.

The Tier 1 Hopeful this year is a brawler named Trevor.

Festival Contests

They Range from Archery contests, to Mass Knight Melee’s, to jousting, and other such tests between factions, duchy, and Kingdoms as applicable. Once a year is a contest to match wits of teams of people are held. All attendees most pay a nominal fee. A high rank at this contest is sure to increase a team’s reputation, the size of future contracts with a monetary prize to the leaders of this contest.

Exhibition Matches

These matches are Un-Official matches between Gladiators and visiting Heroes or other Gladiators for prize money, but no change in arena standing. As these are outside the arena, 2nd Tier rules are often used.

Tests of Meddle

Tests of meddle consist of a team of people that battle a captured beast, Or unconventional battles such as many on one.

McKlusky Memorial Arena

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