the Vestige

The Vestige is purportedly the self titled group of Azer, Oath-Stricken to protect a Magic Artifact shard by a Group called, the Servants of Equilibrium. They are Fire-plane dwellers that have been cursed to the material plane, until the druids devise a way to eradicate the shard or the Seam Ripper must be assembled to return the planetary scale to even sway.

This group has been existing for over 22 Century.

For further historical information, see APC_Records Room

Fortunately, the Prophesied ones had finally come. They aided in destroying the surface dwellers, closing the incorrectly opened portal and by taking over the honor and burden of their oath. The Prophesied ones have allowed not only the Vestige but the essence of their Prince-God Zorn to return to their home plane. Finally allowing them peace.

the Vestige

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