Ye Oaken Barrel

Racious Laughter and a cheer bellows forth as the door opens. Warm Light, brightens the bar and and a few patrons look up with smiles from their drinks, and with a friendly nods, seem to invite you in. A pretty young bar maid flits between the tables deftly passing out drinks and collecting pay. She smiles at you when she passes by.

The large common room stretches out in front on off to the right of you. A fire crackles next to a small stage in the center wall off to the right. The tables are solid and clean, when not filled with ales and food.

A loud voice from the back of the room in front of you cries out, “Welcome friends! no need to be a stranger, come in and take a seat, or is it a room which you need?” The voice comes from a wrinkle eyed dwarf with a thick grey beard, standing behind the bar. Above him on the wall is a Large Oak Cask on the wall. To the left of the Barrel is a stone plaque depicting a dwarven family emblem. To the Right the head of a large Red Hydra Head with a smaller stone palque with a small number of names. “I’m Lex, please come over hear and tell me of your travels”


Ye Oaken Barrel

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