APC_Records Room

Mining Effort | Lava Bubble Chamber

This is a Large Octagonal Room with Octagonal entrances to the Southwest, and the Northeast. Each of the doorways are closed with a blue field. Center of the field has a face haloed by fire. On the Northwest wall as three alcoves. The center holds 7 smaller octagonal Platinum Discs. The other two hold 13 stone octagonal discs. The Southeast wall has multiple overlapping radial symbol patterns covering the wall. Two sized rectangular slots in the wall below the patterns.

Southwest Doorway | Northeast Doorway

The 26 Stone Tablets.

These tablets show on the octagonal section on the wall with the three layers of overlapping runes in Yellow, Blue and Red. The runes lighting pulses out from the center in alternating colors and unique paths each time. This speeds up until they form a moving scene. Each Disc takes approximately 1 for the stone and 1.5 hours for the Platinumto view.

1-6. Indicating the years of Servitude in 88 year increments. Nothing out of the ordinary is mentioned. The 1st Disc, mentions the occasional attacks by sightless grey skinned creature. And finding a tribe of Green skinned creatures inhabiting the colder areas of the “new” complex. The Azer have convinced their shaman to worship them and guard the entrance against any beings on the great wide.

7. The 7th disc starts off like the rest. It then chronicles the transference of (NOT IMIX – Good DIETY of Plane of Fire) and how the Vestige Re-enter their home plane to perform the ritual to transfer their diety to this plane. The effort was secret so as to fool Imix, and make him think the Good Diety of Fire was destroyed. The Azer return with an Amber Gem the Size of a head burning with the fires of the Gods. The Azer then realized that in the time they were gone, the Artifact they swore to protect, was stolen, and the rest of the Disc chronicles the Successful quest to recover the Artifact. The only mention of the Thief was it was a pale skinned, Platinum Blond, Human with violet eyes. The only other mention was of an ornate tattoo of a great wurm across it’s chest.

8-11. Chronicles of the 88 years of servitude. Indicating nothing out of the ordinary.

12. The Disc Details the way to modulate the portal to move only certain entities across the portal. It explains that this is critical when speaking to the spirits or other dangerous entities on the other side. Without following the instructions contained within, it would allow free movement across the portal.

13. The First Disc on the details entrance of The Azer (Who call themselves the Vestige), Meeting the druid in the portal Chamber. He explains the working of the facility and home that has been built for them. They also mention that the portal physically transfers them all to this plane and that death here is death as in their home plane. The Druid explains the importance of the artifact the Vestige is entrusted with. The druid warn them that they have taken great pains to erase it’s trace on this world, however also The rest explains the working of the facilities.

The 7 Platinum discs have the following: (in order from Left to Right)

  1. This shows a forge and a laboratory where a complex item being sundered into pieces. And through a rich but small ceremony, the pieces were entrusted to an enclave of druids, labeling themselves Servants of Equilibrium. who swear with their very life essences that will keep the item from ever being reassembled again. unless required to maintain a balance in the world. The scene skips to floor’s eye view of a courtyard and a king dressed in ornately decorated plate armor, demanding the sundered item from a council head. Demanding it is the only way now, to stop of the war. Claiming the other weapon failed to deter [the other kingdom]. And if we can get it away soon. They both look above to see fiery ball raining from the sky. The King looks back down… “it is too late.” The scene cuts out.
  2. Chronicles various tests and uses of the item. In every one, it appears as if the item or creature completely disintegrates. The test is on Mice. The show a generation of offspring and a large chew hole disappear when one of the adult mice is hit with the Bright Blue ray. It also shows people being interviewed, having a very hard time remembering the mouse or its offspring. The scene then shows it’s use in a small skirmish outside a burned border town. The ray is used on the leader, and the entire battalion disappears, and the town is restored to an un-burnt condition. No one knows why they are there though.
  3. Before the party, is standing Amidst a Council of leaders, and Magi. The Magi are requesting volunteers to help create a weapon to remove the enemy Threat forever. Explained in a way that if you remove the top of a family tree, all the branches cannot exist. Some label it the Seam Ripper. Twelve (12) people step forward, of those 5 are chosen. One a Pale skinned dark clad mage, adorned with skulls. The next a Tall Man with Strong features Short Dark Hair and a stern look. The Third Chosen a seemingly Simple and plain woman (DC 25 Spot to see knitting needles next to the seat she stood up from) The next is a Person is hooded deep cloak and last is a Woman in long white robes. She has a pleasant serene aura about her. The five of them grasp onto a Golden Rod, and swear an oath. The scene ends.
  4. The scene shows the great war between the two empires that were the great Plains of Dust and the Glass Dessert now stand.
  5. This immerse the party in a great laboratory where they see the volunteers and their essences, are being worked into a various pieces of worked materials.
  6. This one shows the residual effects of the Seam Ripper. with the Lifes of those closest to the “Removed” seem to be the most difficult to resume with life. A conjecture is given that the pieces connected to the thread removed are left dangling.
  7. This shows the Druid in the Plane of Fire striking a deal with the King of the Azer to Honor some of his people to guard an important piece of a weapon that could rip apart the very fabric of life. It skips to the same druid in the (Described separately) portal room as he hands them an amber colored gem the size of a close fist and the 7 platinum Discs.
14. This Disc covers the detailed workings of what must be some power source. It shows Plinth with Three Glowing Rods sticking up. There are four rune covered stone discs decreasing in Size. They all start stacked on the first rod in increasing size to the bottom. Then it shows that the discs on the third rod with the plinth and the runes on the walls glowing.
  • The image indicates the power must be started in method or the Energy will kickback and the safety will kick in. The discs will return to the Low power station.
  • The Disc must always remain from largest disc on the Bottom and must only decrease in size to the top most disc.
  • The discs may only be moved one at a time.
  • Lastly as a safety precaution, only when the power is increased, will the far door open, and only when the power is in the low position, will the Entry door unlock. The image continues to indicate what the different power levels can accomplish. Med. For communication through the temple. And High to bring people. If destroyed, or damaged, the device could activate volcano, and destroy the complex and all in, although the doors have been designed to hold for enough time for all inhabitants to escape through either the portal or surface.

15. This disc has metallic inset in the carved runes along the edge. Otherwise it is indistinguishable from the others. This message is short. Indicates that the original disc has been moved, and this is only a place holder.

16-26. Chronicles of the 88 years of servitude. Indicating nothing out of the ordinary. The very last one indicates a mention of the construction of a second player, possibly eliminating the need for the generational trek across the cold Great Wide.

APC_Records Room

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